In 2017

November 18th(sat) Blue Eyes (Ohmiya Takatsuji, Kyoto)
Veronica's Violet 20th Anniversary!
"A Door to the Infinite"

OPEN 17:00 / START 17:30
Adv \1800 / Door \2300 (+ 1 drink)
Live: Argument Soul (from Nagoya) / REIGN (from Osaka) / ALEISTER / Jaguar Hard Pain / Veronica's Violet

17:30 (O.A.)Natsuko
17:45 Jaguar Hard Pain
18:35 REIGN
20:15 Argument Soul
21:05 Veronica's Violet

This is the final gig of Veronica's Violet. Please come and see us!
Natsuko will play the Celtic Harp as an opening act.

August 27(sun)Blue Eyes (Ohmiya Takatsuji, Kyoto)

Live:Veronica's Violet , ‚b‚‚š‚‚‰‚ƒ@‚r‚‚‚‚Ž, and more

In 2016

July 17th(sun) Blue Eyes (Ohmiya Takatsuji, Kyoto)
Veronica's Violet presents... Vol.11@"Awaken Your Soul"
Live: ALEISTER / Rock The Nation / Yoshiki / ƒΏ-erial / Veronica's Violet

February 13th (sat) Silver Wings (Gion, Kyoto)
Live: Veronica's Violet / AIR RAID /Dog-mag / Jaguar Hard Pain

In 2015

November 28th(sat) Silver Wings (Gion, Kyoto)
Jaguar Hard Pain presents "ORB 2"
Live: Veronica's Violet / Toushou METAL `paris` / M.O.P. / Jaguar Hard Pain / and more...

October 17th(sat) Blue Eyes (Ohmiya Takatsuji, Kyoto)
Veronica's Violet presents... Vol.10@"Awaken Your Soul"
Live: Rock The Nation / Majestic Eve / NEAT 001 / Veronicafs Violet


July 25th(sat) Blue Eyes (Ohmiya Takatsuji, Kyoto)
"Conditioning RED"
LiveFHERSHEY's / vice / Veronica's Violet / ANTLION