The History:

Veronica's Violet was formed in 1997 by bassist-vocalist Natsuko together with drummer Hirokazu and a vocalist-guitarist, and they began their performing career in Kyoto as a rock trio. After the vocalist-guitarist found her own way and left the band, vocalist Sono joined the band in 2003 and guitarist Aki in the following year. Sono left the band in 2006.and Aki left in 2012.

In July and August 2000, their tunes "No Way Out" and "Easy" got No.1 at the contest held by the Tokyo-based TV program Tokyo Hot Indies. The two songs got included in CD-ROMs attached to the monthly PC magazine Nikkei Net Navi, whose circulation boasted about 250,000 copies all through Japan. They contributed the two songs to the compilation CD Tokyo Hot Indies Super Recording Vol.3 released in April 2001.

They were featured twice in the programs on the UK-based Internet / satellite TV station NOW in 2001. They won the keen competition in the program The 30 Second Pitch in April, beating their London counterpart. They were featured again in The Battle of the Bands Pitch show from the same TV station in June.

"With an oeuvre encompassing everything from the glam operatics of Queen to the maudlin introspection of the Smiths, via the hard-rock rifforama of Led Zeppelin, this is one band it is simply impossible to pigeonhole," wrote the MP3TV Reviewer Darren Lee, praising the achievement.

While touring around the club circuit of hometown Kyoto and the neighboring cities of Osaka and Kobe, they expose themselves worldwide through the Internet. They smashed into the Asia chart at No.3 in 2003. They also got No.9 on the grunge world chart. They released their long-awaited debut album titled Veronica's Violet from the Japanese indie label Access Entertainment in November 2004.

Veronica's Violet
was featured and praised sky-high in such monthly music magazines as Player February 2005 and BURRN! May 2005. They were also reviewed and listed in the monthly magazine CD Journal February 2005. They had their first overseas shows at such renowned venues as PIANOS and Arlene's Grocery in New York City, USA in March 2005, and the Dublin Castle in London, UK in December 2006. Also they were featured in Live 5 on TV station in Kyoto in 2005 and they performed as the opening act of OUTRAGE in 2006.

They started recording the second album in 2008. Natsuko was interviewed at the worldwide web site, Bass Girls International. They held several gigs as a 3 piece band.

In 2009, Veronica's Violet released the second album Where should I go? from the Japanese indie label BDS. They were featured in the Radio show on FM802 and they were also reviewed and listed in the monthly magazine CD Journal. In 2009-2012, they held many gigs in Kyoto, Osaka, Nagoya, Takamatsu and Tokyo.

In 2012 Veronica's Violet stopped activities.
Natsuko and Hirokazu formed another band "Veronica Roses," and they had gigs in UK and performed at music festival in UK, 2014.

On July 17, 2016, Aki joined Veronica's Violet again and had a gig.

In 2017, Natsuko, Aki and Hirokazu started the new Veronica's Violet.