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Where Shoud I Go / Veronica's Violet


01 Where should I go
02 Away from you
03 To the hiding place
04 Alone in the dark
05 Who's to blame
06 Someone to save me
07 Everything is fine
08 Now is the time
09 Who do you think you are
10 I just want you to know
11 Nobody

format: CD
producer: Hirokazu Chishiro
release date: April 3, 2009
price: 2,180 yen

Veronica's Violet / Veronica's Violet

01 Nothing lasts forever
02 I don't mind
03 To the hiding place
04 Nobody
05 Don't tell me you are right
06 Thinking about myself
bonus tracks
07 Love me
08 Hard to find my way
09 Take all the troubles
10 No way out

format: CD
producer: Hirokazu Chishiro, except "No way out" produced by Kazuyuki Itoh
label: Access Entertainment, BDS
release date: November 19, 2004
price: 1,500 yen